Photo by Rick Wait @ Westcott House

"A delightful duo set that doesn't fit the format, this pair mostly delves into the 30s with just guitar and vocal, sneaking in the occasional surprise. Hard working award winners that have charm dripping off them, they have the knack for roasting the chestnuts one more time and knowing where and when to add the special sauce. This is certainly the kind of act you want to see live if they come your way as it's pretty clear this act was well honed in live settings. Hot stuff. "

--Chris Spector, Midwest Record


A collaboration between guitarist Jason Goessl and vocalist Kate Voss. The duo embodies a spirit reminiscent of 1930s pop.



Sundae + Mr. Goessl have been in the business of delighting people for 2 years now. With 3 national tours, 3 albums and over 200 shows in that span, this couple keeps busy on their home turf in Seattle, WA and on tour across the US.

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