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sundae + Mr. Goessl

Vintage Jazz

Guitar + Vocals + Charm

"Overall, Sundae + Mr. Goessl is more than a vintage duo, their authenticity and commitment to the genre rings true, and the genuineness shines through in their renditions of these classic gems. The duo takes you through delightfully fun romps, to late night after hours sounds. Like listening to Billie Holiday, you feel you are taking two friends along with you on your day – it has that instantaneous likeability."

-- H. Allen williams - jazztimes


Sundae + Mr. Goessl are a husband and wife vintage jazz duo based out of Seattle, WA. Sundae (Kate Voss) fronts the duo with her wit, charm, and impeccable vocal technique. Her voice is evocative of Billie Holiday and Anita O'Day.  Sundae also masterfully holds down the whistling and percussion duties in the duo. Her two decades of piano studies shines through on her melodica, performing solos reminiscent of Toots Theilman.  Mr. Goessl (Jason Goessl) mastered the guitar at a young age, developing a technique akin to the likes of Joe Pass and Chet Atkins. Goessl covers the baselines, chords, and melodies with his virtuosic finger-style approach. Together they create the sound of a full ensemble, and have been compared to great duos such as Les Paul and Mary Ford, Joe Pass and Ella Fitzgerald, and Tuck and Patti. With their matching vintage outfits and custom instruments - they're dressed to impress. Sundae + Mr. Goessl mostly perform tunes from the Great American Songbook, along with contemporary hits and original compositions.


Instrumentation: Mr. Goessl plays a modified Epiphone Swingster. Sundae sings into aShure 55 Deluxe and plays the melodica.  Sundae + Mr Goessl are sponsored by Quimper Electronic Systems and use a custom Retrofier Black Tie dual combo system.

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