jazztimes review BY: H. Allen Williams

Sundae + Mr. Goessl is the creation of the strongest bond of chemistry. Comprised of a husband and wife duo, the connection in their music is almost immediate. Offering a mix of genres from predominately the 1930’s. Some have likened their style to “vintage pop” and others have called it “Cowboy Jazz,” one thing that is evident, the glue that bonds them together is strong, no matter the label. 

With 3 albums under their belts, and four national tours, the duo is spreading the seed of joy across the land. So what makes this recipe so tasty. I would have to say it’s the swing that Makes My Heart Sway. Solid arrangements, stellar finger work by Goessl and the delicious innocence of Sundae’s (Voss) voice. 
“Love Me or Leave Me,” begins the offering – which I also found a delightful companion video on youtube, that pretty much sums up the tongue and cheek lyric rightfully so. Gossel’s walking bass line is offered at breakneck speeds and Sundae is right up to the task, never a misstep in sight. Her voice nails the authenticity of the era, with true vintage verdigris.

Making a stop in the Big Easy with “Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans,” and “Stompin at The Savoy” the duo delights with quick scat lines by Voss, and punctuated solo lines by Gossel, who manages to keep the flow and continuity of the entire feel with only his guitar.

The title track “Makes My Heart Sway,” is a well-crafted original tune that fits nicely among the long dozen of standards and one bonus track that comprise the overall disc. Many times when an original is placed among well-known standards it can be a bit of a distraction, the duo certainly have their craft down, this original felt right and fit agreeably. Nicely done!

The bonus track “Pretty Little Thing” is swanky, twanin’ erudite blues delivered with a sassy confidence letting the listener know that Sundae is more than a coquette to trifle with. A highlight cut no doubt!

Overall, Sundae + Mr. Goessl is more than a vintage duo, their authenticity and commitment to the genre rings true, and the genuineness shines through in their renditions of these classic gems. The duo takes you through delightfully fun romps, to late night after hours sounds. Like listening to Billie Holiday, you feel you are taking two friends along with you on your day – it has that instantaneous likeability.



Between Voss’s confident control and playful vocal personality, and Goessl’s guitar wizardry, Sundae + Mr. Goessl come across like a vintage jazz Tuck & Patti.

This duo is obviously purpose-built as a live unit and no doubt the upbeat, catchy numbers are always crowd-pleasers, but I’d love to hear them explore more of the darker bluesy menace that seeps through on the album closer “Pretty Little Thing,” driven by Goessl’s tremolo-drenched guitar and a slinky, feline vocal turn from Voss.



Another equally successful group specializing in this music of the front end of the last century is the duo, Sundae + Mr. Goessl: vocalist Kate Voss and guitarist Jason Goessl. The pair's previous recording, Cheek to Cheek (Self Produced, 2014) successfully laid the groundwork their engaging swing-era act. Makes My Heart Sway makes solid the argument that this music should be preserved and done so in a conservative manner. Jason Goessl has golden abilities, but never plays just to show them off. He provides ready-made support. His walking bass on the original title piece has just the perfect patina of old and new. The song swims well with the baker's dozen standards populating this disc. 


bebop spoken here review by: lance

Sundae is actually Kate Voss and Mr. Goessl is, simply, Mr. Goessl. Sundae, as well as being Kate Voss, is also Mrs Goessl and currently holds the prestigious title of Seattle's Vocal Jazz Princess - a crown she also picked up in 2014. As well as singing, Sundae-Kate throws in a melodica solo or two - no doubt she also makes a fine cheese soufflé. Mr. Goessl earns his corn as one of Seattle's top guitarists across the genres and his guitar playing is right on the money. Choice chords, swingy solos perfect backing for any vocalist.




The attractive rhythms of western swing jazz and ragtime, which have been immortalized in Hollywood films from the ’20s and ’30s, are revamped by the wife and husband team of Kate Voss (aka Sundae) and Jason Goessl (aka Mr. Goessl)